Where do I find equipment?
You can find an authorized equipment dealer by using our dealer locator

My equipment broke. What should I do? Can I send it back to you?
Please check the warranty section to find out specific warranty details on the individual product that is damaged and follow return instructions.

I have a product suggestion.
We welcome product feedback from all players.  Please email your ideas to warranty@gaitbrand.com.  Your ideas will be closely considered and we will contact you if more information is needed.

How do I know what size to buy?
It’s always best to try the product on.  Please click here to locate the dealer nearest to you.  Or, please click to see our gloves or protective sizing chart.

Which kind of mesh should I use?
Determining what is best for you depends on your style, ability and level of play.  We offer different styles of mesh.

Soft Mesh
Benefit – No break in time
Deterrent – Doesn’t hold pocket shape.  Absorbs moisture.

Benefit – Short break in period.  Retains pocket shape.
Deterrent – Break in period.  Moderate pocket lifespan.

Hard Mesh
Benefit – Retains pocket shape the best.
Deterrent – Long, difficult break in period.

Do you sell directly to customers or do I need to go to a store?
No. Gait Lax does not sell directly to customers.  Our equipment can be found at retailers all over the country.  Use our Dealer Locator tool to find a dealer near you.